Netflix-ing. Yep I made that a verb! After a long week of work it is my fav activity. Add in in popcorn and its basically all I could hope for.


I rounded up a list of my current favs and a few of oldie but goodies that just came out with new seasons. If you know me at all you know I’m a die-hard BBC fan, but I mixed in a little fun too!

Hinterland – New Season!

Dark and gritty I love everything about this series. The accents can be thick so be prepared for subtitles. Interesting tidbit- it was filmed in English and Welsh.

Scott & Bailey – 2 New Seasons

Basically anything Lesley Sharp or Suzanne Jones is in I love! The series follows two strong minded detectives.


Originally a Swedish series, I can’t help but love Kenneth Branagh in this.


Get ready for more subtitles! If you don’t want to miss any details the thick Scottish accents can be tricky. So worth watching!

Abstract The Art of Design

This documentary follows designers through their design process. Of course my fav episode was Ilse Crawford, the legendary UK designer.

The Mindy Project

I can’t watch BBC exclusively! Plus a girl needs a little levity. This is my go-to for a giggle.

First Monday in May

Anna Wintour – I adore her! She is also at the helm of the renowned Met Gala. The film follows the development of the 2015 China themed event. Its star studded, snobby and stunning.

Dior and I

Love this documentary! When Raf Simons took over as Creative Director at Christian Dior the cameras were rolling. Wisely, it was quite the combination. You get a behind the sense look at Couture. Wait until you see the home they wrapped in flowers – ah-mazing!

Jane the Virgin

This quirky series feels like a soap opera but I still thought it was a hoot.