Mug Life

As far back as I can remember, a hot cup of tea is the most comforting gesture I know. When we would visit my Grandma's house, the kettle would go on as soon as we arrived. When I got home from school I would put the kettle on and after a break up, a poor exam result or a quiet moment the kettle would go on and I would enjoy a hot cup of tea from my fav mug. 

Even if coffee is your go-to I expect you have a mug that is yours, that nobody in the house would dare drink from. Right?

My mug is a handmade mug by a local potter Selfridge, I have 4 mugs from them but I only use two. They feature a hand painted woman. They are the perfect size, I have a chance at drinking a hot cup of tea and they feel just right in my hand.


I noticed that Crate & Barrel just launched a campaign for their new line of hand made mugs and it got me thinking: what does your mug say about you? Maybe you like a tea cup and saucer? Is it a 20 oz cup? Do you like a tall mug? Wide mouth? Does the handle matter to you? Finding just the right mug feels a bit like goldie locks looking for the right bed. Too big, too small, just right.

I rounded up a few fav mugs. Whether you like, dainty, cheeky, handmade- I have options for you!

1. LE CREUSET Set of Two Cappuccino Cups-  The Bay

2. Buttercup Yellow Mug- Crate & Barrel

3. Staccato Grey Mug - Crate & Barrel

4. Sophia Mug- Pottery Barn

5.  KATE SPADE NEW YORK Greenwich Grove Cup and Saucer Set- The Bay

6. Mottahedeh Teacup and Saucer, Blue Lace - Williams Sonoma

7- AERIN Embossed Mugs, Set of 4 - Williams Sonomoa

8- Pickard Color Sheen Teacup, Green Gold - Williams Sonoma