Loft Closet Renovation

You know the saying about there being an elephant in the room? Well when our client called us to help her design a new closet, that was the perfect way to describe the existing closet situation.

A beautifully appointed industrial loft in the center of downtown had so much working for it... until she introduced us to her bedroom closets!

The closet was a poorly designed brown vinyl wallpaper wrapped box. Needless to say- it didn’t float our boat. When is brown vinyl wallpaper a good thing?

Here is a little before:

Pretty bad... right? We started by creating an e-design after asking our client a lot of questions about her wardrobe. How many pairs of jeans does she have? Folded or hung? Workout gear? Functionality is crucial.

Candice Jalbert_Round 2-02.png

We turned to the Ikea Pax wardrobe system and a little customization to make our client's dreams come true.

These closets sat right across from her bed so they needed to be beautiful and that is just what we created – ta dah!

We wanted her closets to be extra special so we customized the doors by cutting out the top panel and installing a beautiful metal detail. We sprayed the metal grates with gold Rustoleum spray to compliment our chosen hardware.  

Basic white wasn’t going to cut it for our client so the doors were sprayed in the lightest shade of grey.

Whether you are doing Ikea kitchen cabinets, dresser or wardrobes; my design tip is to NEVER use the supplied handles or knobs. Changing them out for something different sets a big box purchase apart. For our client we chose beautiful glass knobs from Anthropologie. 

For added convenience LED motion censored lights were added to each closet. When she opens her doors they illuminate her wardrobe. Let there be light!

I’m a big fan of the new drawers from Ikea with a Lucite front. 

When all was said and done - the brown wallpaper closets became ancient history, and her new closets were beautiful, unique and functional (and didn't cost the world!)