A Big Boy Room - for my big boys!

Baby #3 is arriving at the end of July and I know that it will turn our world upside down. I wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible for my boys. The plan is for Harrison and Asher to share a room and for the baby to move into our nursery. I wanted the boys to be settled before the baby arrived. 

Here's the thing you should know about my view on kids rooms. I don't believe that a kid's room needs to feel like a kid's room. I'm not interested in clowns, dinosaurs, or monkeys. I want to create spaces for kids to grow into; and one that I like too!

The Boys' Room

Who: My boys, Harrison 4, and Asher 2 1/2

What: Their big boy room formerly our old office/guest bedroom. 

When: Spring 2018

When we started renovating this room before having kids, I had a guess that this would eventually be a kid's room - but I knew that the design I chose would work as a guest room or home office.

The room was in a sorry state when we started. Thin strips of oak covered the 100-year fir floors. The walls were made of plaster, and filled with lath and 100's of sounds of sawdust, hiding plenty of illegal knob and tube wiring. We had to take it down to the studs; for a small room we ended up taking thousands of pounds of debris. 

Before pics.jpg

I started with the bones of the room and a plan. I knew I wanted a dark colour on the walls, which would be balanced by the amazing light that showers in through a large window. Bedrooms should feel cozy at night, and dark walls do just that! I also knew that I wanted white wainscoting to balance out the dark walls.  This was a bit of a budget buster but it is worth hiring a carpenter to get the detail right!

As in most old houses, the room is small and we had no closets. I decided to build in two Ikea Pax wardrobes into each corner and put a desk in between. It created the built in look that made sense for the era of our house and maximised our space.

Here's the plan for the room:

boys room-02.png


I had a colour scheme in mind - Hermes orange, Navy and Chocolate brown with hits of brass metal.

boys room-01.png

DIY: I wanted to have a shelf in the room to display keepsakes and the boys' art.

I had my eye on these gorgeous brackets from Anthropologie for hardware, but I didn’t want to break the bank with the shelf, and I wanted a length that would fit perfectly between the two closets.

For this, I purchased a length of unfinished wood from Home Depot for a steal and after staining it with 3 coats it was the right colour. I finished it with one coat of mini wax to seal it. 

The shelf houses some of the boys' artwork, and I used a few of my fav antique hand-painted lithographs that I sourced on a recent buying trip to the UK.

Beds: The space is small but I needed to fit two single beds and a side table. I didn’t want to close in the room so I chose open metal framed beds. They keep the space open and are super durable - pretty much indestructible!


The result is a beautiful, practical, fresh space for my big boys that is not short of carefully-chosen details!

Bottom Reveal.jpg

Here are a some of the items I used for the decor: