Laundry Rooms Can Be Pretty Too!

When you think "laundry room" -  your mind might go to the dingy dark corner of the basement, the closet that contains a stacked washer and dryer, or the boring and bland room that is just never organized. 

This is about how we to took a boring room to beautiful. It almost makes doing laundry fun!

One of our regular design clients asked us to dream up a pretty laundry room with an e-design she could follow on her own. E-design can be ideal for little jobs with limited construction and this one is a perfect example of how a vision can become a design reality.

This home was a newly built home so the room started with great bones but lacked character. When you are building a home it is hard to splurge on a laundry room with a long list of expenses.

Our client asked us to:

  • Pretty up a room that is usually not too pretty.
  • Make it feminine!
  • Use wallpaper
  • Work with existing cabinetry and counters.

This is the room we started with:


With every e-design we begin with a suggested floor plan, 3D drawing and moodboard. It helps paint a picture for our client. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.57.38 AM.png

The wall cabinet was not yet mounted, so we opted to mount it in the middle of the wall which then allowed open shelving on one side, and a much needed bar for hanging clothes on the other.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.57.58 AM.png

With some relatively easy fixes like a new faucet, pretty hardware, and stunning, self adhesive wallpaper, the space was transformed to somewhere you actually want to be!

Since the laundry room was on the top floor, in the same hallway as the bedrooms,  we wanted to be sure that even if the door was open, the view was pleasing to the eye. We think we accomplished that goal. What do you think?