Plum is moving! Here is our story and our new home.

We've been keeping a big secret... we are moving to a new home! After 6 amazing years we are growing into a bigger space. For the first time Plum Home and Design will be in one location! One beautiful location that we can't wait to show you! We will be opening in June and we hope you will visit us in our new home. 

If you know anything about us you will understand why we chose our new location, Oliver Exchange. We will be calling home a heritage building built in 1911. It started life as an early telephone switchboard building, The Edmonton Telephone Exchange and a police station. 

We loved the building's history had and we kept some of the original details in our new space. The doors to Jenna and Pamela's office doors are original to the building. 


Our design philosophy has always been about creating spaces that feature homeowners personal stories and history. We followed this philosophy in our new Plum home. 

We weren't sure how to tell you about the big move and our Plum Team thought it would be fun to share the news with you through a little storytelling. So, here is a personal look into who we are and a bit about our journey. How exciting is this!


PLUM team: When and how was Plum brought to life?

Pamela:We opened our doors in August of 2012 after spending more than a year planning during each and every lunch hour.  Jenna had already started her career in interior design when she came to me with the idea of opening a boutique-style shop that would give her design clients an opportunity to connect with the style and products she loves to use in her design practice. My role in the early days was as a business advisor and mentor for Jenna. My career had been spent in the business world, working with entrepreneurs and I had owned my first business when I was 22 and opened another when Jenna was a child. The opportunity to mentor my daughter in business was not one I wanted to miss. 

Jenna: When I started toying with the idea of opening a store front my mom was the obvious one to talk to about it. Not only did she have decades of experience but she also had the passion, drive and fearlessness you need to open your own business. 

PLUM team: Tell us about the growth behind this relocation?

Jenna: I'm really excited that finally both our design business and retail store will be completely integrated. Our customers will have the opportunity to shop for custom furniture, rugs and pillows that we create and source for our design clients; and our design staff will be on site to help.

We have also expanded our Baby Plum section in a big way; the new section will be larger than our current store with so many new lines!

We have expanded in all areas - our vision is to create a boutique style department store featuring local and Canadian made products. 

Pamela: After 6 years in business we knew what our customers wanted. They wanted more! More products, more variety, more of our antiques which is why we have grown into a space that is so much much larger. Our current store is 530 square feet and our new location will be about 4,000 square feet for our design studio and store. 


PLUM team: Some people may not know that you are a mother-daughter team. What is your favourite part of working with each other?

Pamela: It’s delightful!  It’s really easy working together because I know Jenna so well and I understand her.   Our husbands often tease that we have our own language. That being said, when we are at work we have a professional relationship.  I'm not "mom" I'm Pamela. We have complementary strengths.  We respect that we both bring different skills to the table and we have our respective areas to look after. That’s what makes it work so well.

Rarely do we disagree on the ultimate goal but we approach it  very differently which is always interesting. We have a saying: Jenna is the telescope and Pamela is the microscope. Jenna is always looking ahead and I'm focusing on how we get there. We share a common vision for the company and we trust each other completely so ultimately the path is pretty smooth and we do have a lot of fun. 

Jenna: My favourite part about working with Pamela is that I get to work with Pamela… I love her as my mother but I also really like her. Obviously there is a mother daughter relationship but there is also deep respect and friendship in our work life.  I know working with family can be hard, but I actually find it easy. We are very lucky. 


PLUM team: What advice would you give to your younger self about starting a business?

Pamela: Follow your gut and do it with confidence. When you are immersed in your business, you really do understand your market and you know your customers’ needs.  Be fearless, trust that you’re on the right path and believe in what you’re doing. 

PLUM team: Do you have any advice to share with other women in business?

JennaI learned early on that I could drive myself crazy comparing myself to others. Measuring my success against theirs. I found the phrase: Comparison is the thief of joy. It is something I carry with me. We are on our own path and that is all that matters.  Focus on your own business.

On that note I think as women in business it is so important that we support each other, this means remembering that her success is not your failure. By supporting another woman in business you aren't diminishing your success. You are just celebrating another well-earned win! 


Want to be part of the PLUM family?

We are excited about our big move to a new location, with a larger space we need to grow the Plum team and we are looking for passionate, design oriented individuals who want to love where they work!

We are currently looking for:

Full time Store Manager, Full time and Part time Retail Associates

Please email with a cover letter and resume.

Interviews will begin June 11th.


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Interview by Veronica Petrola - Content & Community for Plum Home and Design.