Netflix-ing. Yep I made that a verb! After a long week of work it is my fav activity. Add in in popcorn and its basically all I could hope for.


I rounded up a list of my current favs and a few of oldie but goodies that just came out with new seasons. If you know me at all you know I’m a die-hard BBC fan, but I mixed in a little fun too!

Hinterland – New Season!

Dark and gritty I love everything about this series. The accents can be thick so be prepared for subtitles. Interesting tidbit- it was filmed in English and Welsh.

Scott & Bailey – 2 New Seasons

Basically anything Lesley Sharp or Suzanne Jones is in I love! The series follows two strong minded detectives.


Originally a Swedish series, I can’t help but love Kenneth Branagh in this.


Get ready for more subtitles! If you don’t want to miss any details the thick Scottish accents can be tricky. So worth watching!

Abstract The Art of Design

This documentary follows designers through their design process. Of course my fav episode was Ilse Crawford, the legendary UK designer.

The Mindy Project

I can’t watch BBC exclusively! Plus a girl needs a little levity. This is my go-to for a giggle.

First Monday in May

Anna Wintour – I adore her! She is also at the helm of the renowned Met Gala. The film follows the development of the 2015 China themed event. Its star studded, snobby and stunning.

Dior and I

Love this documentary! When Raf Simons took over as Creative Director at Christian Dior the cameras were rolling. Wisely, it was quite the combination. You get a behind the sense look at Couture. Wait until you see the home they wrapped in flowers – ah-mazing!

Jane the Virgin

This quirky series feels like a soap opera but I still thought it was a hoot.


Summer and Gingham go hand in hand.

1- Gingham Oversized Dress- Zara.  2- Gingham Rug- Target.  3- Mini Bucket Bag in Gingham- J Crew.  4- Gingham Romper- Kate Spade.  5- Poleng Gingham Umbrella- CB2.  6-Ralph Lauren Gingham Fabric- Available through Plum.  7- Valencia Gingham Shorts- Club Monaco.  8- Elite Home Gingham Sheet Set- Target.

1- Gingham Oversized Dress- Zara.  2- Gingham Rug- Target.  3- Mini Bucket Bag in Gingham- J Crew.  4- Gingham Romper- Kate Spade.  5- Poleng Gingham Umbrella- CB2.  6-Ralph Lauren Gingham Fabric- Available through Plum.  7- Valencia Gingham Shorts- Club Monaco.  8- Elite Home Gingham Sheet Set- Target.

Maybe it's the blanket you put down for a picnic, napkins at the table or a cute gingham tablecloth. Either way this adorable pattern is a fav of mine and I’m seeing it pop up everywhere this season.

Did you know that the pattern is over 500 years old? It actually started off as striped. But after the Victorian period when it arrived in North America it became more like the check pattern we see today.

It has no right or wrong side since the yarns are dyed and then woven. Traditionally it's lightweight and seen in a blue and white pattern. Lightweight and inexpensive, it’s been used for mocking up couture gowns as well as table and bed linens, but became really popular in the 1960’s.

These days it's not just relegated to the table top. I love seeing it in unexpected places.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Fun Fact: Did you know Bridget Bardot wore a pink gingham wedding dress?

I rounded up a few gingham inspirations that will be impossible to resist.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Journal Entry: Love, loss and a little self-care

Tennyson said:

Tis better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all.

I’ve heard the saying thousands of times and I agree but all that being said it never really prepares you for losing the ones you love.

In the past 8 months I’ve sat at the bedside of my beloved grandparents and said my final goodbyes. It has felt devastating, unsettling – losing the top tier of our family tree.

Often when you share the news that you have lost your grandparents people ask:  how old they were. It always feels like a qualifier of how much you should feel the loss. It’s true I was blessed to spend many years with my grandparents and they lived long and happy lives but losing your grandparents, losing a generation feels so final. It reminds you of the finality of life and of course the fact that one day you will mourn your parents and your children will mourn yours.

I come from a family where – when things get hard we work harder. I’m proud of how hard we work and how tough we can be. Last week I decided to be a little less tough and take care of myself. I unhooked from social media, answered emails from bed and put my out of office on my emails.

Funny, how doing a little self care can feel so foreign but I gave it a valiant effort.

Being a mother a wife and a business owner feels like a privilege, it is. I’m lucky.  I really am. But I will be completely honest it is also completely and totally exhausting. I hate feeling like I’m not doing my best or that I’m failing the ones I love the most. What I do know after a week at home tucked up in bed is that even though I am lucky I will continue to feel like I’m failing unless I take care of myself.

This is either a public journal entry or it will resonate with someone and maybe someone else who is feeling sad, tired, lost will take a day off and practice a little self care. Whether you are tucked up in bed or getting your nails done being a strong, smart and powerful woman means knowing how to care for yourself.


Oh Honey Honey!

Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side!

Raw honey is delicious and packed with healthy enzymes, vitamins and minerals. You may know that it’s a healthy choice but did you know it can also be a beauty treatment for hair and skin. Thanks Mother Nature!

We’re giving you the inside scoop for a honey themed night in, complete with a tasty snack (we love snacks). Each of the beauty treatments only use ingredients you can find in your kitchen, it’s so simple, we had to share.

Honey Conditioning Hair Mask

1tbsp coconut oil

1tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp raw honey

Melt coconut oil and add in honey and vinegar; mix well. Add to hair, starting at the tips. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash out with a mild shampoo, and you’re set!

Honey Face Mask, for glowing skin.

Remove makeup and cleanse face.

Take 1 tbsp of honey and rub between your fingers before applying to your face.

Let sit for 20 - 30 minutes.

Rinse with warm water.

Use a cotton pad lightly covered with apple cider vinegar as you would toner.

Moisturize with coconut oil.

Pro Tips:

•   Add a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to the honey for acne prone skin.

•   Mix some lemon juice into the honey for a light exfoliation. Used over time this will also fade scars and dark spots.

•   If you find your skin is ultra dry, add 1 tsp mashed avocado, and 1 tsp plain whole milk yogurt to the honey. This will add a boost of extra moisture and give the slightest exfoliation at the same time.

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

Honey Truffle Popcorn

1 tbsp truffle oil

2 tbsp raw honey

Ground sea salt to taste.

Combine honey and truffle oil, gently heat as necessary. Toss popcorn with the honey truffle combination, season to taste with sea salt. (This is honestly so delicious, prepare to make seconds.)

You can use any raw honey for the above recipes, but we particularly love Drizzle Honey. They are founded in Calgary, support Albertan bee keepers, and keep their focus on sustainability and the nutritional value of their products. We can’t get enough!

My cozy new endeavour

I cannot sit still and watch tv. Seriously it is just not part of my DNA. I need to be reading a magazine, on my phone or answering emails. 

I'm trying to unhook a little. Wait for it - I turned off my email notifications. Folks that is major for me. 

Knowing that I can't just sit and watch tv I thought I should try knitting or crocheting. I have crochet blankets that my great grandma and grandma made for me as a baby. I would love to be able to make an heirloom like that. 

Photo by We Are Knitters

Photo by We Are Knitters

It is worth noting I have tried sewing. I even went to a sewing summer camp once. At the end I had a very odd looking pair of pants and the instructors gently suggested "this may not be for me." Ever since that experience I don't even try sewing on buttons. I'm prepared to deal with the mocking my dry cleaner gives me each time I bring in a new button job.

I stumbled across WAK, they sell complete kits. Needles, patterns and yarn complete with inspiring IG posts of completed projects done by zen hip women.  All shipped to you free of charge when you spend $79. Who can argue with that?

I found a two day crochet crash course in town. Reasonably priced at $100 ( They promise to teach my how to master the basics: chain, single, double, half double, treble. Kinda sounds like a figure skating competition, right? 

Photo by Ozette Knitwear 

Photo by Ozette Knitwear 

I have enough sense to know I may end up with a crooked scarf and this entire experience will make me curse like a sailor but I'm up for trying something new.

To get me ready, I've been browsing my favourite knitters on Instagram. These are the ladies who are providing me with some major inspiration:

Lil Fox Shoppe // Top Knot Style // Lace & Cable // Yarning Made // Knitting Wonders //Allabouttami

Photo by We Are Knitters

Photo by We Are Knitters

I will keep you posted! 


My Current Netflix Favs

When the weather gets chilly all I want to do is hibernate. For me that means two things:

1. Popcorn

2. Netflix - and lots of it!

We all have our fav shows, who doesn't re-watch friends every once in a while?

Here's a list of my must watch shows, you may see a BBC theme here I am a BBC diehard fan. Trust me this is a good list it won't disappoint. 

Shetland - I'm obsessed with this Scotish crime drama. I hear season 2 is coming soon. You may need to watch it with subtitles, the thick accents and weird lingo take a little while to get a handle on.

Luther - It's oh-so scary and Luther is oh-so cute it's a must-see.

Last Tango in Halifax - Who doesn't like watching a love store unfold with a little family drama thrown in?

The Fall - I think I watched most of this show with my eyes closed and the lights on. 

Happy Valley - Gritty and scary. 

Death in Paradise - A funny crime drama - seriously.

Scott & Bailey - Girl power! Tough ladies solving crimes and kicking butt. 

Now I showed you mine, what are you watching?