Our Nursery E-Design Giveaway

Remember when we launched our nursery and kids room e-designs? Well, we gave away an e-design to a lucky winner and we can finally share it with you!

Designing spaces for parents and little ones to enjoy is one of my favorite things to do.  I spend so many hours in my nursery and oldest son’s room reading books, rocking them to sleep, and wrestling them into clothes. Since the space is so heavily used,  it’s important that it makes me and the boys happy, and that it functions well for all of us.

Scope of work:

Our client was waiting for the arrival of her second baby, a little girl. Since she already had a crib, change table and chair from her first baby, the focus for us was on the décor. Her first was a boy and this time the room needed to work for a little lady!

Design directive: Modern and Feminine

Budget: Around $1000

Colour Scheme: Monochrome + Pink

Here is the final result! With e-designs we give the clients options of items to choose from.

Whether you have hardwood or carpet, I love layering a rug in the space. When little ones will be crawling about the space I’m looking for a few things:

The hand – does it feel soft? Would it be soft enough for baby knees to crawl on it?

Functionality – Babies are known to make a mess or two, can the rug easily be cleaned?

My fav rug at the moment is from Jaipur Living, it is 100% cotton and reversible. Plus the price point is really budget friendly, a 5x8 is $225! It would be lovely in a modern nursery! 

Don’t forget the artwork! Children take in more than you can imagine. Here is shopping list we provided, including some adorable art! How cute are the baby animals from Minted?!

In the end, the client loved the design and is going for the gorgeous modern floral wall covering from Anewall (our personal favourite!) We can’t wait to see photos of the finished room!

Interested in getting a nursery e-design for yourself? Start here! Cherry on top? Each nursery e-design comes with a $25 gift card to Baby Plum!