My Current Netflix Favs

When the weather gets chilly all I want to do is hibernate. For me that means two things:

1. Popcorn

2. Netflix - and lots of it!

We all have our fav shows, who doesn't re-watch friends every once in a while?

Here's a list of my must watch shows, you may see a BBC theme here I am a BBC diehard fan. Trust me this is a good list it won't disappoint. 

Shetland - I'm obsessed with this Scotish crime drama. I hear season 2 is coming soon. You may need to watch it with subtitles, the thick accents and weird lingo take a little while to get a handle on.

Luther - It's oh-so scary and Luther is oh-so cute it's a must-see.

Last Tango in Halifax - Who doesn't like watching a love store unfold with a little family drama thrown in?

The Fall - I think I watched most of this show with my eyes closed and the lights on. 

Happy Valley - Gritty and scary. 

Death in Paradise - A funny crime drama - seriously.

Scott & Bailey - Girl power! Tough ladies solving crimes and kicking butt. 

Now I showed you mine, what are you watching?